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    Welcome Bianca! Metro Denver will host their largest team of AmeriCorps this year with 21 members! 15 of those positions are filled already!  They run a great program there and it helps that several of their staff are alumni. You can do a search in the directory to find your fellow Metro Denver members.  The surrounding Colorado affiliates that will b...
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    Hi, Bianca. Thank you for taking time to introduce yourself. Welcome to your Habitat AmeriCorps community. We hope you will check in often.

    I hope you have a fabulous year with our Metro Denver affiliate. We do have a dozen other members starting in Denver between now and early September. I hope some will find your post and add their own welcome and introduc...
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    Hey all!  I will be serving in the Denver Metro Area this year as a construction crew leader.  I've never done anything like this before and I am so excited for this new challenge.  I can't wait to gain new skills, meet lots of interesting people, and make a positive impact.  I'm seeing lots of intros from Charlotte but none from Denver.  Any other new Denver p...
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    I ran across a new article to share while eating lunch today, Task force: Middle class shrinking in North Fulton. Seeing as how I am a member of the middle class in northern Fulton County, the title caught my attention. Here is a portion of the article with a few statistics.

    "For a family of two adults and two children living in Fulton County, required annual...
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    Hi Sarah
    nice to meet you. Look forward to meeting you next week.