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    "There is no power equal to a community discovering what it cares about."
    Margaret Wheatley, management consultant
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    Members and alumni, Service+Tech, an initiative of Service Year Alliance, is an opportunity for service year corps members and alums to develop essential technology skills, discover pathways into tech careers, and leverage technology to solve society’s most pressing challenges. 

    What is Service+Tech's value?
    Gain skills - Access high quality t...
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    Greetings Kiesa Smith and Welcome.
    The request for member gear for enrollees up to December 1st start date just went out last week. Kits for enrollments 12/1/18 to 1/31/19 will be requested on February 4th. We are exploring the possibility of having members order their member gear kits directly. As soon as I knwo the outcome of that discussion we will sh...
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    Hi guys I'm a newly inducted member of the Americorps and I haven't received my Americorps gear yet I see my start date was December 11th 2018 does anyone know when I should be expecting that
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    ... brushes with celebrity...
    ... true and lasting love...
    ... innovative... dining utensils?

    See these and other stories of service in the community photo gallery. While you're there, add your own.

    If you're a currently-serving Habitat AmeriCorps member, be sure you are wearing your gear in the photo as an entry into our Habitat AmeriCorps Gear Photo...
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    Rumors have long run wild that Habitat AmeriCorps members are superheroes in disguise. Now, at long last, we have photographic evidence of an AmeriCorps-superhero transformation. Construction Crew Leader Kate Weigel‍, of MidOhio Habitat for Humanity, has provided this definitive proof as an entry into the Habitat AmeriCorps Gear Photo Chall...